Septic Services

Gee Tee holdings installs Equinox fibreglass holding and septic tanks, septic field and water treatment systems. Repairs and diagnostics on all makes and models of septic pumps and tanks.

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Holding Tanks
Sewage holding tanks have a single compartment for raw sewage and require frequent pump outs by a vacuum truck.
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Septic Tanks
Are used in conjunction with a septic field, pressurized mound, or pressurized municipal collection system.
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Septic Fields
Consists of two main parts; a septic tank and a drainfield. Waste is flushed from the home into the tank, liquids are then pumped to a septic (drainage) field.
Septic Systems
Natural treating system, designed for homes on lots of 2 acres. Water is flushed from the home into a dual chamber septic tank, liquids are separated from the solids and then transferred to a distribution box and onward for further treatment through the in ground chambers before returning clean water back into your yard.
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