For a solid return on your landscape investment, sodded lawns are easy to establish, maintain and look great. Site preparation for sodding and seeding are the same: weeds, rocks, sticks and debris are removed from site, top soil is applied 3-4 inches or existing soil is tilled to obtain 1 inch of loose soil. The soil is then raked and rolled to create a smooth surface for seeding or sod.

The initial care for sod requires less than a seeded lawn, seeded lawns need water, additional fertilizer and over seeding to fill thin or missed surfaces. Sodded lawns need only an adequate amount of water to become established.

The usability of seeded vs. sodded lawns:
Sodded lawns can be generally withstand traffic within 2 weeks of installation, while seeded lawns require as long as 2 years to fully mature and establish.