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Gee Tee Holdings gets premium sod sourced locally in Manitoba.
Your choice of turf will depend on the final use of the area sodded.

Peat Based Sod: Suited for residential applications
Mineral Based Sod: Suited for high traffic applications
Executive Blend Mineral Based Sod: Golf course quality sod; the best colour and disease package.

All varieties are # 1 Kentucky Bluegrass Sod.

Site Preparation: Gee Tee is available for all site preparation installations. Area intended for sod needs to be prepped by removing all weeds, rocks, sticks and debris from the the site. 3 to 4 inches of premium top soil is raked and levelled in the site area, and rolled with a light roller. Sod is then installed and rolled again to promote fast and steady growth.

Watering a sodded lawn: Your new lawn should be given 2 to 3 cm of water immediately after installation. Daily watering is required to keep sod and soil moist until firmly rooted into the earth (about 2 weeks).

Caution: During the first three weeks, please avoid heavy or concentrated use of your new lawn. This gives the roots opportunity to firmly knit with soil, promoting a smooth finish.

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*Additional 10% of material required for waste



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